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    I keep getting an annoying, frequent pop up warning that looks it's from McAfee Antivirus. SiteAdvisor. It states, "Warning: Dangerous Site." At the bottom it gives me the option to push "keep safe" or "visit anyway. I realize this is bogus but I have done everything I know remove the pop-up that hijacked my browser, which is Chrome. I have uninstalled Chrome, reinstall Chrome, deleted all data, Etc. As I said, I use the Chrome browser and it's up to date, I have a Galaxy S7, and my provider is Verizon. I do not have McAfee installed. All I have is the original security and privacy from Verizon. With someone be as so kind to help me on how to get rid of this permanently?

    I have attached a picture of the warning.

    Thank you very much.
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    02-20-2018 02:51 AM
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    Don't push that button.
    02-20-2018 06:50 AM
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    In the Security section of the Device Maintenance, it's run by McAfee, so you may want to check that. Samsung was smart enough not to let CM handle security, just the storage cleaning.
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    02-20-2018 09:55 PM