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    Hello All!
    As the title basically indicates, I'm wondering if there's an app that will backup ALL of my Convos with the Photos intact.
    I know that there are apps that do this exact same thing for Apple phones (iExplorer) so naturally, with Android being superior, I assume there's the same capability (or better) with my Android phone.

    What I'm looking for is basically what iExplorer offers, as it's a perfect setup.
    - The ability to back up ALL convos to a computer.
    - If possible, I'd be able to read/view the conversations on the computer (ex: either in the program through its interface, or by allowing the program to load up the conversation and export it as a .pdf - both features that iExplorer accomplishes).
    - Timestamps, obviously.

    ** The main thing I'm looking for is simply that when backing up the convo, it doesn't just back up the text, but the IMAGES (MMS) that's been sent throughout the convo, and preserves the integrity in doing so. Meaning, that as I scroll back through the convo (whether it be on a computer, or a factory-reset phone), I can see the texts and then if somebody sent an image then it inserts the image right where I would've seen it in the original convo before I backed up the phone (ie. it's exactly how it originally appeared).
    >> Them: "Hello, have you been here?" (1:31pm)
    >> Them: <IMAGE OF PLACE> (1:31pm)
    >> Me: "No, I haven't, but I have been to androidcentral." (1:32pm)
    >> Me: ".. Hello?" (3:46pm)

    So, yes, that's it. I tried to be detailed in what I'm looking for so as to avoid any confusion. For the record I have looked around at a ton of Backup Apps (Carbon, etc) and for whatever reason, I literally can never just see what the convos actually look like when backed up - everybody just talks about them but never shows them. I've even scoured YouTube for videos hoping I'd be able to see them that way, as the person talks about <name of backup> app but, no - never shown. Most I ever see is text, but nothing on if Images/MMS are preserved identically as well.

    What do you guys think?
    Phone: Samsung Galaxy S7 (also a Note 4).
    04-19-2018 08:42 PM
  2. chanchan05's Avatar
    Samsung's Smartswitch for PC does exactly that except read on the computer.
    04-19-2018 09:01 PM

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