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    Hi Guys!

    I have recently bought the S7 (Exynos, Samsung camera sensors), considering the good price/performance ratio after reading a lot of reviews how good this phone would be. Since I owned a low-budget 4 year old Huawei smartphone - which had a price tag about 25% of the S7's current price - maybe my expectations were too high on the camera and that's all it has to offer.
    Or is there some setting I'm missing?

    I have tried a second device (about 1.5 year old), same circumstances, same results. Both have the latest Nougat firmware installed, no root or whatsoever. Photos are ok.

    Both shots were made with default settings, automatic mode, HDR auto, flash off, 1080p/30fps:
    1.) first I wanted to show my buddy, what's the job he has to deal with soon (he is a painter)
    2.) when I saw the results, I made a second video in the kitchen, I would say rather good lightning than poor (although artifical), nevertheless same issue as seen in the first video
    (One more thing to add, Vimeo encoding did not cause significant degradation, what you see it's almost the same as you watched the original file.)

    Why isn't the colour smooth? What causes those "waves"/bands around the somewhat yellowish focus in the middle?

    It seems to be a problem with the "gradients". Not sure if it's a proper definition of the problem, but the shadows have a similar effect on a solid/mono color surface as the light is less and less compared to the center, for me it's like the color banding issue, which AMOLED screens use to have sometimes, as I have read in several forums.

    Thanks for any feedback and help in advance!
    06-03-2018 12:15 PM

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