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    I have a Galaxy S7 (not an Edge). It has some cracks but this is a problem that just started suddenly and not as a result of a recent drop. Whenever my phone has been sitting unused for a while, overnight or whatever (either plugged in to charge or not), when I go to unlock it, the whole screen is black, except for a 1-2 pixel line at the top that is definitely working (I can see the background change if I swipe the dropdown menu or can manage to unlock it blind) It's been happening for the last couple of days and has just sort of come back on on it's own after I've been handling it for a while. Before it started going black, it would randomly start flickering with the brightness set low but would usually stop if I turned it up. The flickering still happens as the screen is coming back, but adjusting the brightness no longer affects it at all.

    I've cleared the cache in recovery mode and uninstalled all recent apps. I get the feeling it's a hardware issue and there's not a lot I can do, but if anyone has any suggestions I would really appreciate it.
    06-04-2018 06:05 PM
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    Yes, it sounds to me like impending hardware failure. Back up all your personal data while you still can, if you haven't already.
    I'll move this to the S7 forum for more comments.
    06-04-2018 06:21 PM

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