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    I've had android phones for eight consecutive years beginning with the Droid X; I've had my current Verizon Galaxy S7 since March 11, 2016 (the day it was released) so I know it very well. I should've just left it un-updated on the original android OS as each OS update has been worse, but 8.0 Oreo is by far the worst.

    Simply put, my battery life is horrendous immediately after this update (no other changes/alterations/modifications were made.) My phone is always warm and becomes hot with minimal use. I have been monitoring the CPU and it always seems to be running well above idle (700mhz roughly.) It is this high CPU usage which I believe causes the battery to drain quickly. At best I can get 1.5hrs of screen on time (SOT), but it's usually more like 1hr. The Oreo OS also feels sluggish as well.

    My phone is nearly at the point of being useless given how hot it runs, how quickly it dies and how sluggish it feels. All of this since I updated using the Verizon-pushed Oreo 8.0 update three days ago. I have seen other threads of similar issues as of recent related to the update with the typical "solutions" suggested of hard resetting the phone to factory. I'm looking for more specific input from those experiencing similar issues. Thanks
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    06-15-2018 03:24 PM
  2. ggrr8t's Avatar
    FWIW I updated my edge 7 today and battery life is horrible now.
    06-15-2018 08:34 PM
  3. methodman89's Avatar
    I had a update 2 days ago. After going through all the settings, some of which had changed, some are new, my battery is fine. Boot into safe mode and see if it persists. Also, since your battery is 2 years old, it is also near its end.
    06-16-2018 08:48 AM
  4. MZS7's Avatar
    The issue persists regardless of whether it is in safe mode or normal operation. In normal operation, even with all apps force closed, I'll still see the CPU operating at higher levels despite no apps running. This seems to be an issue with the OS itself.
    06-16-2018 11:12 AM
  5. RobertM525's Avatar
    I've noticed the same problem. All the time, when I pull my S7 Edge out of my pocket, it's very warm, despite the fact that's doing nothing. Before, with modest powersaver settings, I could plug it in at 11 PM on a light-use day and still have 50% of the battery left. Now, by 9 or 10 PM, I'm lucky if it isn't down to less than 25%!

    It's driving me crazy.

    And of course the battery usage app is useless for seeing what's been using up the battery. Judging by that, you'd think my phone would have 2-3x the life left that it actually does.
    06-29-2018 05:01 PM

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