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    I usually don't do update on mobile because I am always disappointed by it, making my phone more and more useless and clumsy as updates come.

    Well, I updated 2 days ago, because I heard about a security breach on android samsung galaxy S7...

    Of course many things changed that I don't like but we don't care.


    BEFORE UPDATE : When using google play/deezer/random music app, I had the app on the lock screen with back/forward/play/pause button, AND my clock under it with the hour and the date of the day.

    AFTER UPDATE : I only have the music app display, and if I want see the clock I have to swipe on my lock screen left or right.

    I absolutely hate it. I am working on lab, with chemicals and everything, and I should already not take my phone to watch the hour or change music, but I don't want to swipe for it ! When I can't touch my phone, I CAN'T SEE THE DATE AND HOUR !!! Oh yes, there is the very tiny highly small and short little clock on the right top of the screen, but when you look at the screen from 30-40 cm you see nothing. I especially also need the date, because I need to know the date (you know, work stuff).

    How to change it ?!

    I hate when dev make your life less comfortable with useless updates, make the phone UI design look more and more ugly, childish look. But hey, we have no choice, security and stuff...

    Im affraid to already to know the answer : no possible, and you should be grateful for this wonderful ability to swipe the lock screen. No, I will not be grateful for this.

    Thanks in advance for your answers guys !

    An angry android user.
    08-13-2018 09:59 AM

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