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    I need to record videos for my work, and I bought a Sandisk 128GB micro SD card which promises up to 100 MB/sec, and am using it on my Galaxy s7.

    I was testing out video recording when I noticed the audio would just cut out randomly when I was recording. Sometimes in the middle (and not come back on) but frequently at the end. I assume it's a recording issue and not a playback issue, but I'm not going to transfer every test video to another device to see. I've used the video recorder on random occasions before and never noticed this happening.

    I changed the storage to Internal from SD Card in case that had anything to do with it but it still cut out audio on the video recording...

    I am using the default video size (1920x1080), but I'd like to try the higher resolution, however I can't get the default size to work properly.

    I've googled this exact issue and can't seem to find anything clear about anyone else having this issue. I mean the camera on the s7 is amazing so I should be able to use it. Sigh...
    12-07-2018 02:02 AM

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