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    Hi there,

    So today I am finally upgrading from my trusty S7, over to a new Galaxy S9 (couldn't afford the S10!) after numerous memory issues with the S7 which has resulted in me having to save my info all over the place!

    Essentially I am constantly getting the memory full message, and when I do, I transfer stuff from the internal memory over to the SD Card. I have also found that when I open certain apps again, it transfers all the data back over to the internal memory which is a real pain!

    Soooooo I have bitten the bullet and gone for a 256gb S9 which should sort that problem. What I want to do though is transfer everything back from the SD card onto the device so on my new phone its all stored internally and there is no need for an SD so I can use the extra slot for another (work) SIM. Is that possible? Is there some sort of android back up that will do this, or an app? Or do I just install file manager and transfer everything from the SD card onto the phone that way?

    Essentially what is the best software or app to back up and re-install data onto a new handset?


    03-19-2019 05:26 AM
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    If you have apps on the SD card, they have to be moved back to the phone on the S7. They're not stored as apps, they're stored as little pieces of code, with links to where they are on the card left in internal storage (meaning that you don't save much space, if any, by putting apps on the card.)

    If they're files - pictures, music, videos, etc., you can just put the card into the S9 and, using a file manager (does Samsung still have My Files installed as a file manager?), copy the files to the S9.

    You don't need any software, except what's in the phone (unless there's no file manager, then use ES File Explorer [better] or Cx File Explorer [easier].)
    03-19-2019 02:24 PM

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