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    I have a Galaxy S8 Active. I typically have the vibration off when the sound is on, and I know that when I first got the phone vibrate mode automatically turned on the vibration. But recently I've noticed that changing to vibrate mode just turns the sound off. When I went into settings to turn it back on I found out that any change in the vibration strength made to vibrate mode also changed the vibration strength in sound mode, and vice versa. I'd really prefer vibrate mode not become just a second Do Not Disturb. Any way I can change one without affecting the other?
    12-09-2019 02:41 PM
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    It sounds like you are having multiple issues if I understand your post.

    First you turn off vibration during normal operation but want it to turn on when you turn off the sound, i.e. turn on vibration only mode, and then have it return to off when you turn the sound back on.

    Next you are changing the vibration strength in vibration mode but want it to return to the previous level when sound mode is resumed. Why do you care what the vibration level is in sound mode if you have it turned off in sound mode?

    My immediate feeling is these things are not possible by means of the stock controls. I have to admit that I was surprised at your claim things worked this way at one time. I mean I can kind of imagine the vibration turning on when vibrate mode was activated, a little harder to imagine it turning off again when deactivated. And I see no way that changing the vibration strength in one mode ever only affected that one mode. I do however have a suggestion depending on how much you want these things, there are automated apps for Android.

    The one in particular that I'm thinking of is Tasker. With Tasker you can set-up profiles that run based on logic statements. So in your case one of the profiles might be something like, If vibrate mode is active, turn on vibration to 30%, use vibration pattern 5, 15, 5, 20, 5. Then a profile that says, when sound mode is enabled, disable vibration.

    There is a Tasker forum here at AC and a Tasker wiki online. People drop some of their favorite profiles at the wiki, and collaborate to solve tasks in the forum. The only thing is Tasker is a paid app. There are free ones which may do what you want, I don't know just because I don't use them.

    In the meantime you should register an account here so that you can see more of the forums we have to offer. It would also allow you to post comments in this and other threads. This link will help you with that... https://forums.androidcentral.com/as...-new-post.html

    In the meantime I can request that this be moved to the S8 Active forums, @B. Diddy, where members with your device will see your question.
    12-14-2019 04:28 AM
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    First, clear the cache partition and reboot.

    Sent from my S8 Active
    12-14-2019 12:27 PM

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