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    My Adaptive Fast Charger for my Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017, with a USB-C port) stopped working recently so I purchased a "genuine" S8 charger off Amazon. After it arrived I started using it and noticed that it took a while for my phone to recognise it as a fast charger, so I researched it a bit more.

    My charger is made in Vietnam and the lettering is not flush with the rest of the brick (its textured and sticks out a bit while the rest is smooth and glossy). Now I'm scared to use it because some of the 1* reviews said that their charging brick exploded mid-use. I also performed a Fakespot review and discovered that the trusted rating for the product is 0*.

    Having never used an S8 charger before, how can I know that my charger is genuine, and do I have anything to worry about?
    01-20-2018 03:34 PM

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