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    I have some really strange behavior that started a few days ago with my wired headphones w/ remote. I am able to replicate the issues with two different headphones, so I'm pretty sure it's something with the phone. Restarting the phone didn't help. I haven't done anything beyond that, yet (e.g. clear cache).

    A few things I've noticed:

    1. When the phone is on silent or vibrate, I'll get notification sounds through the headphones which shouldn't happen. Sometimes it happens with an actual notification, and sometimes it happens when there isn't a real notification (I'll hear the notification sound while listening to a podcast, but I won't find any recent notifications after checking the phone). My podcast app (Podcast Addict) has a function to pause/resume during a sound notification, but in this case (phone silent/vibrate) the notification sound plays over the podcast (no pause/resume) which means the app is not seeing the normal notification sound trigger from the system.
    2. When sound mode is set on, I don't actually hear the notification sounds through the headphones when a notification comes in. If I unplug the headphones everything works as expected (ie I can hear notification sounds through the phone speaker).
    3. My headphones (Bose Soundsport wired for Android), according to the manual, are supposed to have a double and triple click function using the remote for skipping forward/backwards. I was never able to get this to work, but my podcast app has a built-in double click function so it didn't matter too much. Well, now the double and triple click functions appear to be working both with my Bose headphones and another pair of Samsung headphones. This isn't a bad thing (it's nice to have the triple click function now), but certainly weird this just started along with the other issues above.

    Definitely seems like everything stemming from headphones being plugged in, but I don't know how that is handled in the OS. Any ideas or other troubleshooting I should do? Thanks!
    12-03-2020 06:23 PM

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