03-06-2019 02:49 PM
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  1. KevinsGem's Avatar
    And the 2 others somone can acess authotities hackers or authoritive hackers ? Y would u put something so carelessly when a bad person who decides on being a devrloper can null byte inject a device draw over other apps and rewrite the openscource code and access yur homepage and lock screen hypothetically theorozing.
    01-08-2019 01:18 PM
  2. Javier P's Avatar
    And the 2 others somone can acess authotities hackers or authoritive hackers ?
    System UI and Launcher? Pretty standard system apps. What makes you think you are being hacked?
    01-08-2019 01:21 PM
  3. KevinsGem's Avatar
    And the 2 others somone can acess authotities hackers or authoritive hackers ?
    01-08-2019 01:29 PM
  4. KevinsGem's Avatar
    My null files in my system and event logs see the morons never packed up their data and i just know somewhere in that mumbo jumbo is a digital
    01-08-2019 01:33 PM
  5. KevinsGem's Avatar
    That and i already broke the thumbprint encryption holding myself and hundreds hostage by connecting
    10 devices by 10 devices by 10 and so on all connected by play music and being driven to auto play on 1 device while being held under an apple device thumb print not bad ?
    Thoughts ?
    01-08-2019 02:54 PM
  6. belodion's Avatar
    If all this worries you, and you are convinced that you have good grounds for such concern, just stop using phones.
    01-08-2019 04:20 PM
  7. KevinsGem's Avatar
    Or maybe google an start listening to me and i could teach someone there how these hackers doing it and we could work together on preventative measures I am easy to get along with
    01-10-2019 07:01 AM
  8. Bud P's Avatar
    If you look at firewall logs you will probably see a lot of outbound connections to amazonaws. These calls are all related to cloud. Yes anyone of your apps that use cloud services gather info and store it. Samsung and your mentioned malware app is the top ones. I suggest that if you don't like it the create for wall rules to block it. Be super careful doing this. I hope this helps because it will eat up your data very bad if you have limited data plan.
    03-01-2019 09:49 AM
  9. B. Diddy's Avatar
    If you're worried about System UI and Launcher, you might as well just not use a phone, because that's the system and the user interface, respectively.

    Googling something doesn't mean that you'll find the correct information. There's lots of junk out there.
    03-01-2019 10:28 PM
  10. Ronim76's Avatar
    You believe it's the authorities? Why? What would make you think that? Do you do things that the authorities would be interested in? Planning on doing something in the future? Did it ever cross your mind that what you're seeing might actually be there because it's supposed to be? Don't you think if it was actually a fake file, people other than just you would have picked up on it by now?

    Can you logically explain any of that?
    Why does it have to be that someone is up to no good or illegal activity just because they don't wish to have snoopin authorities up in their what should be by all rights and purposes private info on their phone? Who are you to say this? Are YOU an authority? Its attitudes like yours that's helping build glass houses for everyone, including YOU. I personally am a person with integrity and i feel like the apps are suspect and i do think tied with some color of the law, like authorities.
    03-06-2019 02:49 PM
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