1. flyingkytez's Avatar
    I love tempered glass protectors. As manufactures are making curved glass phones, it's becoming increasingly more difficult to install tempered glass screen protectors. I'm OCD and would hate to get a big gash on the screen. Screens will scratch, even if you take care of it (dirt in pockets, sand, dust, keys, etc. will scratch it). Do you think there will be a tempered glass screen protector that will work well? It might be a deal breaker if there are no options. (S7 Edge owners could you chime in?) I would hate to resort to a plastic screen protector because it just doesn't look or feel nice.
    04-04-2017 02:47 AM
  2. Mersalka's Avatar
    Are there some in AliExpress or other Chinese web shops?
    I usually buy the little stuff like screen protectors there and if you have any shops that do sell such stuff and care to share links, it would be great.
    04-04-2017 08:53 AM
  3. BeyondtheTech#AC's Avatar
    Just snag one from Amazon, buy with Prime, you've got 30 days to decide if it's good or not. That's what I am doing with my S8 and have done with my G6 accessories. Amazon gives you return labels and instantly credits you back the moment it gets scanned at a UPS Depot. Hassle free.

    Bought the LUVVITT glass protector and case on sale for $3.97 each.

    04-04-2017 08:54 AM
  4. Amele's Avatar
    I had a tempered glass one for the Note 7 that didn't quite cover the edges but the case I had did, and I just figured that was the best that
    was going to happen and hoped it would be enough. I really hope someone comes up with a better solution for this for the 8 andd 8+. And one that will work with a case. The plastic protectors don't work very well and get mucky pretty quick or at least all the ones I have used have.
    The first Note 7 I had I just left Verizon's protector--the one on the screen when you unboxed it--till I gave up and got an imperfect glass one.
    04-04-2017 11:58 AM
  5. jhonnieblue's Avatar
    So the s8 suffers the same weakness due to curve screens

    Highly suggest a screen protector
    04-04-2017 05:37 PM
  6. ScottsoNJ's Avatar
    I must have tried 10 different tempered glass screen protectors for the S7 Edge. None of them work correctly. I don't have too much faith that the S8 or S8+ will be any different. I went with a wet install film protector. It does the job but doesn't feel the same or protect the same as tempered glass.
    04-04-2017 05:59 PM

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