1. erasat's Avatar
    It's back to $0.49 and I just bought 1 Fusion Clear and 1 Onyx Black for the S8+. Enjoy while they last.

    Must select the Sold and Fulfilled by Ringke (Not Amazon or Prime) Free Shipping.

    New codes valid as of 1:00PM EST 4/18/17

    Ringke Fusion Clear

    Galaxy S8 Code - LF9HDIUP
    Galaxy S8+ - J7H457XQ

    Ringke Flex-S Brown

    Galaxy S8 Code - D9IKW8H9
    Galaxy S8+ - 6RDIY9D9

    Ringke Onyx Black

    Galaxy S8 Code - 6IB6FNL6
    Galaxy S8+ - 59QCS7ZX
    04-18-2017 12:06 PM

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