1. Peter Crook's Avatar
    Love my new S8 + especially the large screen.

    What I do not get is how much space is wasted on the home pages.

    Everything sits about a couple of centimeters below the notification bar.

    Comparing this to my Huawei Mate 9 where you things sit directly below the notification bar.

    It just such a waste of a great screen.
    04-21-2017 12:12 PM
  2. LordAndroid's Avatar
    Why not use a custom launcher and adjust the grid size of your icons to sit on your home screen how you like?
    04-21-2017 12:17 PM
  3. brau0303's Avatar
    The Native launcher supports 4x5, 4x6, 5x5 grids, you can also select to "Show Apps Button" or "Hide Apps Button" Anyway there are additional settings to play with that can be accessed by tap/hold on the homescreen and select the settings option.

    Ecm likes this.
    04-21-2017 12:25 PM
  4. Andrew Steed's Avatar
    I agree, Peter. It's not something I have been able to solve with custom launchers. It looks like the notification bar has a large block of empty space attached to the bottom of it, effectively pushing everything down. Very annoying.
    05-05-2017 04:00 PM

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