1. cmb713's Avatar
    Wondering what folks think about the sound quality of the included headphones? I don't think they are bad sounding but they do sound a little flat. I tried playing around with the equalizer settings but can't seem to get any deeper sounds from them. They also don't get very loud in my opinion.
    04-22-2017 06:20 PM
  2. hou33guy's Avatar
    They ok but i love the free ones i got with the v20 when i returnedmy note7
    04-22-2017 09:19 PM
  3. hou33guy's Avatar
    They whereloud and fulp of bads, with metal parts on plug and ear pieces
    04-22-2017 09:20 PM
  4. wrich2005's Avatar
    It has more to do with the quad dac in the v20. The Samsung sound driver is not anywhere on the level of the v20
    04-23-2017 12:07 AM
  5. daddyd302's Avatar
    They're just Samsung headphones that are tuned by AKG. I haven't tried them out yet. I'm still using my B&O headset that I got as a gift from my V20.
    04-23-2017 03:10 AM
  6. Byron Hinson1's Avatar
    Yeah people are thinking they are make by them. They are just samsung made and tuned. I found them pretty poor myself.
    04-26-2017 10:32 AM
  7. maf113's Avatar
    I have a generic set of buds I got at an airport for 19.95 that sound better
    04-26-2017 01:04 PM

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