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    Coming over from a S7 Active. Some far the S8+ has shown to run extremely smooth with low heat and great battery drain. I'm having trouble adjusting to how slick it is so I'm sure a case is to come soon. I'm not a fan of cases, that along with the better battery is what made me love the S7A.

    I have a metal roof on my house so reception inside is really bad. I never could get Wi-Fi Calling to work well with the S7A for very long. So far it seems to be doing with with the S8+.

    Here is my question. I used the smart watch wireless option to switch over from the S7E to the S8+. No passwords, or accounts setting transfered. Is that normal? Should I have done something different? I'm willing to factory reset and do it over if needed.
    04-22-2017 06:31 PM

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