12-03-2019 12:21 AM
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  1. xtremez's Avatar
    Yeah I have the same setup, but like what many has said need to be at the bottom portion of the phone.

    It will feel less secure on the car mount but general should hold nicely
    04-14-2018 10:41 PM
  2. Vl4d00se's Avatar
    Hello people!

    Did anybody try Pitaka Aramid Fiber case? I'm curious as it seems a good solution to the sam problem i'm havin (as you have): magnetic mount and wireless charging. It's supposed to have metal inside the already thin layers that go around the wireless charging plate in your S8, iphone or whatever.

    This can be coupled with any wireless magnetic mounts (the round types) found online and it works.

    What's your oppinion?

    VWireless Charge with magnetic plate?-pitaka.jpg
    07-15-2018 06:17 PM
  3. chanchan05's Avatar
    Grab a magnetic mount that has wireless charging. Basically instead of a metal plate, you get a ring, and thr magnet is basically a ring on the outside of the wireless charger. Problem solved.

    07-16-2018 12:16 AM
  4. Altavier Young's Avatar
    I have found a simple solution for me by turning the magnet 90 degrees.
    02-20-2019 04:35 AM
  5. Stephanie Meek1's Avatar
    I love wireless charge. I also love my magnetic car mount.
    But I can't find a sweet spot for the plate that doesn't interfere with the wireless charge on the S8.
    I'm using the Spigen Neo Hybrid Case with a Mountech AIRSNAP mount.

    I'm thinking either try the Slim Fit case, or maybe a different plate of some kind.

    Anyone have success with wireless charging and magnetic phone mount with this phone?
    Yes there is a solution..I have a note 9. I bought the thin stick on magantic plate thingy that sticks to the back of the phone. I placed it high (or low) enough to allow wireless charging. It works great
    12-03-2019 12:21 AM
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