1. Leslie Hatcher's Avatar
    My s8 is scheduled for delivery today! Any advice on what I need to do while setting it up and any tricks I should know. I have been reading all the threads on here and see alot of problems with the edge display notifications. Any suggestions greatly appreciated!
    04-25-2017 08:55 AM
  2. bmhillegass87's Avatar
    Hi Leslie!

    Congrats! Super excited for you!

    2 tips I really want to point out for you.

    By default, the screen isn't set to the highest resolution. If you have the best display on earth, you might as well take full advantage of it! Trust me the battery savings isn't going to be that significant with their default setting.

    To change this:

    Settings > Display > Screen Resolution > Fire that baby fully to the right for maximum pixels!

    The other I found very useful was utilizing the pressure sensitive home button while unlocking your phone. It makes getting into the phone much faster once this is changed. You'll see what I mean once it seems to take a few clicks to get the phone unlocked. Its especially useful if you are using the iris scanner!

    Settings > Display > Navigation Bar I have the option turned “ON” for “Unlocked with Home Button.”
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    04-25-2017 08:39 PM

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