1. the_munc_e's Avatar
    I decided to buy one of these cases because I had one with my iPhone 7 and it was a really decent case. The only thing bad about it, was it had a tab for a lanyard in the corner. It appears they did away with that, although it doesn't feel as premium as it did before. It is mil drop rated.

    The buttons are so so on the sides. They work fine but don't feel as nice and tactile as some other cases.

    The case edges on the sides are actually almost flush with the top and bottom. You can still operate the edge panels, but it definitely causes the phone to lose some style, while maybe offering better protection if you are concerned with the edge screen.

    The holster clip rotates, and you can even take it off and lock it open to use as a kickstand. I wouldn't do this too much though, because it feels like it will break when you try to unlock the holster. (Note when The clip is rotates so The holster is horizontal, there is zero problem with this.) The case itself also features a kickstand on the back.

    The package even comes with a tempered glass screen protector. I can't comment how well it is, because I'm using a different protector and don't want to take it off, but my experience with tempered glass on edge panel phones has not been pleasant.

    However, I did use theirs on my iPhone 7 and it was quality. This one does appear to have a dog matrix going on, although it might be the protective film. It also has black bars at the top and bottom, I guess to help line it up.

    04-25-2017 01:53 PM
  2. novice97's Avatar
    I bought this also. The screen protector is pretty good and case friendly with other cases also. I'm currently using the tempered glass screen protector with the Spigen Neo Hybrid since I use a magnetic mount in the car. The Zizo Bolt is too thick for a magnet to work from inside the case.
    04-27-2017 08:59 PM

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