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    I ran across an interesting issue tonight that I want to share with the forum. I use the Nine app for email and noticed that the LED notification light will not blink for new emails. I do get a notification icon on the AOD but no blinking LED. I emailed the developer for the Nine app and received the following response:

    "Please check whether the notification sound is turned off [in the Nine app]. If yes, please turn on the notification sound and then check the LED again. Android 7 has the LED issue when the sound is turned off."

    I googled the Android 7 (Android Nougat) LED issue and found the following post on XDA forum:


    In sum, it says as follows: “Yes have the same problem with gmail, download silent sound 1 sec mp3 at
    Download a Free Silent Ringtone MP3 or WAV File Silent Cell Phone Ringtone

    and put it in notification sound under storage/emulated/0/notification and set that sound in gmail app and the blue led will work again with no sound”

    Obviously the issue may happen in gmail also but the point is this: If you desire no sound but want LED notification for apps that support it, download the 1 second silent .mp3 and set that as your notification sound for the app per the above instructions. The LED will now function for notifications. It worked for the Nine app.

    Thought I would pay it forward and post this if anyone has this issue.
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    04-25-2017 10:59 PM

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