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    Hey all,

    I'm absolutely loving my new Samsung Galaxy S8+, except for one rather annoying inconvenience:

    I am having some hard-to-specify network/data issues both on WiFi and on my AT&T unlimited data plan. Apps that I have seen this be an issue for (so far) are Viber, Strava, and Play Store. It seems like the connectivity issues may be related to locking the phone screen.

    Below I explain the issues with the different apps and when/how I have had them. If any of you have similar issues, or know what could be wrong, I would greatly appreciate some help!

    On Viber: I'll open a conversation and send messages to someone. I get a "no connection to Viber" error. If I immediately kill my apps and reopen Viber, the texts all send as per normal. Doesn't matter if I send 1 or more texts. I also get an issue receiving messages. Sometimes I won't get notified of new message(s) coming in. I'll open Viber, go to that conversation, and multiple messages all come in at that moment time-stamped from way before. These problems are not always there, about 30-40% of the time, making it hard to identify a trigger.

    On Play Store: Last night I updated 12 of my apps. This was done on WiFi. If the screen was on and the Play Store app was open, the downloads would go as normal. If I locked my phone and came back a few minutes later, I would unlock my phone to see that I got an error downloading the app updates that said "could not connect to Play Store, please try again later." As soon as I unlocked my phone the downloads would resume as normal.

    On Strava: Today I went for a run at lunch. I connected my HR monitor and location was on. I "recorded activity" and I was being tracked just fine; the GPS signal was good. I locked my phone and finished my run. When I looked at Strava to end the activity, the time was correct, but it thought I had only gone 0.2mi. Meaning the GPS stopped tracking me as soon as I locked my screen. Note: On Monday I did the same lunch run with the same equipment and everything tracked correctly.

    Thanks in advance!
    04-26-2017 03:52 PM

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