1. flyingkytez's Avatar
    Before being paranoid of screen burn in? I usually leave it on for a maximum of 15 minutes before becoming paranoid and turning off the display and letting Google Maps navigate via voice over. However it is inconvenient to always be paranoid. For example, when I'm driving and using Google maps, it's very bright so I have to turn brightness to max in order to see the display. However, leaving it at max brightness for a long period of time on AMOLED screens, you risk burning an static image on the screen. I am aware of this because I know store displays always have burn ins. Samsung nor anyone has any official recommendation on this topic (I guess to avoid scrutiny for AMOLED burn in). I have never gotten burn in on my personal Samsung Galaxy phones because I'm always careful.
    05-01-2017 07:07 PM
  2. jasonandrews25788's Avatar
    Amoled doesn't like white and blue (shortest life diode). But Samsung's new amoled are more power and energy efficient. So don't worry about screen burn in.
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    05-01-2017 07:30 PM
  3. theelite1x87's Avatar
    Some people have claimed burn in after a few months. Others said they had devices for years without issues. I think you're probably fine. Latest generation panels are pretty good about this. I also think brightness has something to do with it. If your someokne who always has screen at 100 percent it might become an issue faster but otherwise I think you'll be looking into buying a new phone before burn in becomes a problem
    05-01-2017 07:55 PM
  4. Almeuit's Avatar
    1 minute time out. Keep it on for navigation without any concern.
    05-01-2017 08:09 PM
  5. EMGSM's Avatar
    30 seconds.
    05-01-2017 08:13 PM
  6. LineKill's Avatar
    +1 on the 1 minute time outツ
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    05-01-2017 08:13 PM
  7. cardboard60's Avatar
    Got smart Stay on.

    Screen timeout 5 minutes.

    I get tired of having to wake it back up.
    05-01-2017 09:50 PM

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