1. slotti's Avatar
    Ok, so I ditched my Lumia 950XL for a nice and shiny S8+. I like the look and feel of the phone and I love to finally be able to control all of my home automation and car through my phone (main reason for the switch was that I finally gave up on Windows Mobile's app gap)
    Obviously, I am very invested in the Microsoft eco system and I have had great success with it, and this is where my problems and frustration starts.
    I have all my contacts synced to outlook.com (from multiple devices), and don't intend to change this. I installed Outlook for android on S8+ to be able to add my outlook contacts.
    First attempt, all contacts show up and are once synced into the native contact list. I tried to add some pics (faces) to the contacts, since it did not sync those from outlook, and it was fine. I added some contacts to the edge contact list all good.
    After a couple ours, the contacts disappear from the edge contact list again and the face pics are gone.
    So I reset the phone.
    Second attempt. And it gets worse. Contacts partially sync into outlook app (for some reason not all), and they won't sync into the native contact app at all.
    If anybody has this figured out, please HELP.
    I know I could export my contacts from outlook to gmail and go from there, but I would lose the sync to all other devices that use outlook.com.
    05-05-2017 02:17 PM
  2. claykin's Avatar
    Try NINE. I use it for my Office365 accounts and it's amazing. Also supports Outlook/Live email accounts.

    In the past I tried using the Outlook app. It wasn't very good IMO. Been more than a year but it seems it hasn't grown up much, based on your feedback...
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    05-05-2017 03:30 PM
  3. lapeter's Avatar
    I just installed NINE and so far I think it is great. Thank you!
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    05-05-2017 03:43 PM
  4. slotti's Avatar
    You guys saved my life....and S8+
    Haven't tried the edge contacts yet, but at least they all sync great now.
    05-05-2017 04:15 PM
  5. jasonandrews25788's Avatar
    Glad to hear you solved the problem. Here's a comprehensive guide on syncing S8 with Outlook in case somebody would have similar issues: http://www.akruto.com/sync-galaxy-s8...out-the-cloud/
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    05-10-2017 07:40 PM
  6. Olivier Bouwmeester's Avatar
    I've been coping with the exact same problem and it's doing my head in!!!! I've been using Android for years, but this is just a horrible experience, how is this NINE working? I'm desperately looking for a solution, used all 3 mail apps. Outlook/ Gmail and Mail all gave syncing issues with my two 365 mail accounts
    06-23-2017 12:32 PM
  7. badcat's Avatar
    I have been using Nine for awhile now. I only use it for Outlook and Hotmail accounts but it works well. I don't use it to sync contacts anymore though. I just my GMail contacts now but when I did sync them with Nine it worked as expected. Install it and see if it works for. They have a trial period, but I can't recall how long it is.
    06-23-2017 04:44 PM
  8. gernerttl's Avatar
    After a couple ours, the contacts disappear from the edge contact list again and the face pics are gone.
    I had the Lumia Icon a while back and loved it. I ditched Windows Mobile for the same reason you did.

    As far as contacts in the Edge app. I found out that it only works with Google contacts and not Outlook, so I don't use the Edge Contacts. I've found that the syncing with Outlook to be a little finicky, not just with Android, but with iOS too.

    I haven't found a truly good solution yet though.
    06-23-2017 04:54 PM
  9. badcat's Avatar
    Microsoft has an Outlook app for Android if Nine is too pricey. It also works as advertised but I feel Nine was worth the investment.
    06-24-2017 06:04 AM
  10. pseudoware's Avatar
    Settings -> Cloud & Accounts -> Accounts - > Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync

    Use m.outlook.com for server addresses

    And these contacts work with the People Edge feature. But it should also work if contacts are synced with a 3rd party app like Nine.
    06-24-2017 11:36 AM

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