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    Hey people I was playing around with my new galaxy s8 in preparation for a trip to Iceland in a couple weeks and i was dismayed at a handicapping of the camera functionality in split screen mode.

    Since I am driving a unfamiliar country I want to use google maps for GPS directions but while I am driving with my phone on the dash I wanted to take a hyperlapse video of my travels.

    The problem I have run into is once I go to a multi window configuration there is no longer a option for hyperlapse.

    Questions... Is there a work around? Is this a Samsung or a Google (Android) issue. Why would they disable hyperlapse while using a split screen? It seems to me being able to uses Google maps GPS direction while on a road trip and trying to video said trip would be a great use of the multi window options.

    Any advice or comments?

    05-06-2017 02:38 AM

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