05-08-2017 06:27 AM
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  1. TrueMetalGeek's Avatar
    I stop using screen protectors since my S4
    Using them loses the feel of the glass and they often just get scratched and need replacing all the time. It was eventually deemed not worth it so I just use the bare screens with a phone case to protect the sides and be careful.
    I am a commercial HVAC tech so I handle my phones with dirty hands etc and the last several phones I had all held up with the screens looking like brand new when I wiped them off.
    Lumia Icon/ Lumia 1520 / Lumia 950XL
    Let's hope the S8+ holds up as well.
    05-07-2017 11:11 PM
  2. JBobH's Avatar
    FPS problem solved. 1. Registered finger a second time. Now it works first time >90%.

    I knew this trick but never really used it on my Notes including briefly the Note 7. I guess with the front sensor on prior Notes I didn't need it. Still the sensor and the location on S8 are not the best. But problem solved so accept this victory thanks.

    I keep iris scanner on as a backup since it works in no light situations. For me though I have to raise my glasses off my face for it to work. With a working FPS now though I don't mind this as much.

    I have to say that unlocking isn't an issue for me at all. My FPS works great when I need it. I register the same finger 2x to increase the sensitivity. When I started using the IRIS scanner I was amazed at how fast it unlocks. I wear glasses and I've don't have any problems, with or without them. I will admit that in bright sunlight it doesn't work as well but that is when I use a PIN.

    The extra button for Bixby doesn't bother me. I knew before I bought the phone that it wouldn't be functional. I look at it like my Echo, it is constantly evolving.

    The glass back is one of those things "be careful what you wish for". I remember when just about everyone complained about the cheap looking plastic backing. LOL
    05-08-2017 05:44 AM
  3. caveman84's Avatar
    NEED HELP with S8 Plus
    When i open the camera & click on Gallery it also shows pics of ScreenShots/WhatsApp videos and pics
    I want to set it to only show me the Camera pics, when i click like it
    Like it was in Older phones
    PLease help me 
    That's how it's always been bro no way around that at all. The only other solution is to disable gallery app and use google photos exclusively
    05-08-2017 06:27 AM
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