1. chrisnmn's Avatar
    Hey guys, I know that is in an issue that has been addressed for years (according to some post I found on google dating back to 2011 even), but for some reason it has never been solved and personally, is REALLY bugging me. That is the 'missing' Triple Click that would rewind a song when playing music. Can someone explain to me why is that? Is there a real reason why 'no one' would like to rewind or go back on a song using the Headphones/Remote control using the triple click?*

    I have tried at least 5 different headphones button controllers over the Play Store on my S8, and not a single one will make the triple click work.*

    I know this might seem some extremely minor for some, but for me is becoming a big annoying thing.*

    Any clues how to make this work? - Please Help!
    05-15-2017 05:54 AM
  2. BillyBonkeryBob's Avatar
    Have you tried Headset Button Controller? It's what I've been using the past few months ever since i found out about the missing triple-click feature. I'm using the OnePlus 3 and apparently, the triple click feature is not available on it because it's what the screen gestures are for.
    05-15-2017 08:36 AM
  3. chrisnmn's Avatar
    Yes, that's the main one I tried and is definitely not working neither with doubletwist nor Spotify on my S8, using the OEM akg headphones 😟
    05-15-2017 05:55 PM

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