1. Reggfx's Avatar
    Just upgraded from Galaxy S5 to S8. The Sprint tech migrated everything including my text messages.
    It was not until later that I realized all of my transfered Text messages with images were MISSING ON MY NEW S8

    All the previous text messages show a BLANK IMAGE GRAPHIC with exclamation mark "!"

    Contacted Sprint, because I had to turn in my old S5 which we wiped clean. But we did verify the transfer completed 100%

    So my S8 just doesn't know how to read the MMS BLANK images.

    I also tried a cloud restore from my S5 MMS back to my S8 and shut down and powered on my S8.. Only to find MMS Texts restored but AGAIN BLANK TEXT MESSAGE PICTURES!

    As a last desperate measure, I do have my MMS from S5 backed up on my PC with KIES 3. Unfortunately KIES 3 is not compatible with S8

    Can someone please advise on a solution to fix? Or is this issue of transferring Text Messages with images to S8 from a previous device a BUG in the S8?

    Please reply
    05-17-2017 09:16 AM
  2. Ca_lvn's Avatar
    Well you could go into your backup and just restore your messages, hopefully your using smartswitch and see if that works but my guess is unless those photos were saved to your phone it's a loss
    05-17-2017 09:31 AM
  3. Reggfx's Avatar
    Welp, I just heard back from a Sprint Technician and they informed me that this is a known bug in transferring MMS Text messages with images to another galaxy samsung phone upgrade. In my case S5 to S8. Its a random hiccup that will leave your text message images BLANK on your new phone! Using SmartSwitch had no cure or fix for this random bug. Also the comparison of programming between S5 and S8 are so different that it makes the transfer even more of a "luck" shot.

    I have attached a sample Screenshot.

    Bad news is, Sprint took and wiped the phone so we can't do the transfer again.

    Good news i have a version of my MMS Text Message Images backed up on my PC. I can even locate the files. But cannot connect to S8 because its an unsupported device by KIES which backed up my old MMS Text Messages in the past.

    So until this bug is fixed or someone tells me of a fix or work-a-round to try? I give S8 a rating of A-MINUS

    Still open to any work-a-rounds. I advise everyone to thoroughly check your MMS Text Messages before you leave your Store after a galaxy S5/6/7 to galaxy S8 upgrade!

    I will be monitoring this post
    Attached Thumbnails MMS Text Pictures are missing after transfer from S5 to S8-no-mms-text-message-image-transfer.jpg  
    05-18-2017 12:32 AM
  4. adamprall's Avatar
    Anyone ever find a solution to this?
    06-17-2019 05:13 PM

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