1. erasat's Avatar
    Interesting and I think a very good photo comparison review by PhoneArena. In a summary, be very proud of your S8/S8+ guys.

    Galaxy S8 vs $2000 camera and DSRL: camera comparison
    05-19-2017 08:35 AM
  2. ThrottleJohnny's Avatar
    I love this camera, both back and front. I'm getting excellent shots that I'll keep forever.
    05-19-2017 08:53 AM
  3. theelite1x87's Avatar
    Review didn't mention it, but the S8 also supports shooting in RAW, so if you want to spend time editing etc, the smartphone can still accommodate.
    05-19-2017 01:55 PM
  4. erasat's Avatar
    And with today's release of the Photos Blind test results here on Android Central and all Mobile Nation Community, where the S8 was selected as the best by the majority of over 53,000 voters, it really is a great day for the S8 and Samsung.

    05-19-2017 02:00 PM
  5. jdfry15's Avatar
    This is pretty incredible. The s8 looked much better on many of these shots.
    05-19-2017 02:56 PM
  6. uncreativeartist's Avatar
    I really like the camera on this phone. I am terrible at taking pictures, just look at the pictures thread. So it is nice to have a phone/camera that can take pretty much flawless photos for me. I like how the tests were well explained and what the differences were in each photo. I never knew all the terminology in photography so it was nice to have it explained as it pertained to the photos.

    This phone makes me want to take more pictures. I just have no idea of what to take photos of but I am going to take photos and see how it all goes.
    blaine07 likes this.
    05-19-2017 09:22 PM

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