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    Has anyone played with this yet? I believe it's only been available for about a month or so and it's baked into your phone. It is amazing! And the Google Assistant keeps getting upgraded behind the scenes.

    If you are not aware, Google Assistant now allows you to link all sorts of home control devices. I linked my Hue bridge and ISY automation device. I can now press Google Assistant and say things like "turn on my kitchen counter lights" and "turn my kitchen counter lights blue" and it works flawlessly.

    This is dangerous to me. Now I want to get the Lutron Caseta hub (Google it) and replace my wall switches. I also linked my Nest thermostat. I can say things like "turn on the upstairs air conditioning" and "set upstairs air conditioning to 68 degrees". Sure you say.... That is cool but can't you just get off the couch and do it? And my response is..... But I can say it on my way home or as I am leaving work!

    Best tip of all: Google Assistant works with IFTTT so you can customize verbal commands to specific actions. And Google Assistant also works with Stringify (both of these are apps in the play store) so you can create "macros" of several tasks based on verbal commands to Google Assistant. For example, you can say "ok Google, it's bedtime" and IFTTT and/or Stringify can turn off the lights, set the air conditioner to a desired temp, and anything else you can think up.

    We live in the future now.
    05-24-2017 09:09 AM

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