1. M Tomescu's Avatar
    Before my S8+ (unlocked/international/Exynos version) I had an Iphone 6.

    First of all, I'll have to say that the earphones that come with the S8+ are way better than Apple earphones (actually first tried them on my Iphone 6 and I was surprised). Then the dissapointment...

    I am listening all my music on the Tidal app (HI-FI subscription) with the quality set to max. On the S8 the sound (through original earphones) is very very dull, compared to the Iphone 6, which had a very rich sound. A lot of details/parts of the audio stream are simply missing on th S8+. It is dull and has a low volume (although it seems sharp).

    Using the Equalizer, UHQ and the Adapt Sound options in the settings doesn't help at all (because those can't ,,add" the details that are missing from the audio stream, just modify it).

    I've read everywhere on the internet that the S8 is supposed to have high quality playback, but I'm pretty dissapointed. It's by far the best phone I've had and I have no other complaints about it. What can I do?

    I am very thankful for any of your suggestions.
    05-25-2017 07:47 AM
  2. tech_fan's Avatar
    I had iPhones before my s8+. I had clarity issues with the playback on my Google play and Spotify. Alessia cara would not be clear. Tried downloads to my SD card and tried to play it back that way thinking it was a streaming issue. Didn't seem to solve it. Then I pulled out my iPhone and sat in my garage playing the iPhone back and switched back to the s8+ to compare the audio quality. I also compared it against my apple music app as well. After comparing both devices, they both had similar issues with clarity so I concluded that I was being overly critical.

    One thing that I did do and I noticed on my iPhone was that the volume was set at max. Once I did that on my s8+ the distortion seemed to be less. So now the volume on my phone is set to max and I control my car stereo with the volume. I don't use the equalizer or other settings in the phone.
    05-25-2017 01:33 PM

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