1. maf113's Avatar
    I am unable to install Netflix on gear VR and S8+. Several other will not install either. Click install. Get Accept. Click it and it goes back to Install.
    06-02-2017 02:01 PM
  2. ClintRo's Avatar
    I was able to install on mine. they install better if you remove the phone and install from the phone interface.
    06-02-2017 02:32 PM
  3. maf113's Avatar
    for some reason I was able to finally install after I restarted my phone
    06-02-2017 04:06 PM
  4. hydrofarmer's Avatar
    I've been having lag issues with Netflix and Hulu. Audio doesn't match up to the picture. It's like watching a dubbed movie lol.
    06-02-2017 05:44 PM

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