1. SirPwn4g3's Avatar
    I have a Galaxy S8, I've made sure all my apps and OS are up to date, battery is charged, wifi i set to stay on, and I've tried clearing the app cache.

    I have a Bluetooth speaker in my bathroom, I'll usually play Google Play Music, and about 10 minutes or so it will stop streaming, stating the stream is unavailable.

    When I'm at work I have to stream from Spotify as Google services are blocked, the same thing happens, except I just have to wake up the phone to resume playback.
    06-05-2017 12:37 PM
  2. Javier P's Avatar
    Welcome to the forums. I'll move your thread to the Galaxy S8 and S8+ forum for more visibility.
    06-05-2017 01:11 PM
  3. quickexc's Avatar
    Hi there,

    I have a similar issue - and I think you'll find that it goes beyond your music streaming services. Is your "power saving mode" turned on? Short answer is you have to go Settings > Device Maintenance > Battery > MID > then press "Customize." On this screen you'll want to enable "Background Network Usage" and now when you turn on power saving mode, you should not have disconnections in wifi or data for your apps.

    However, the long answer is more interesting. I have frustratingly noticed that when I did the above steps, my issue was improved but not not eliminated. While in Power Saving Mode with Background Network Usage enabled, I still experience drops in connection to apps like Google Maps (directions), Strava (tracking runs), Viber (international text messages), and the only way to regain connection is to unlock my phone and open the app in question.

    Turning off power-saving mode completely fixes my issue. So now the question becomes: How come even with Background Network Usage ENABLED in power-saving mode my phone seems to disconnect network usage after a short period of time (few minutes).

    Anyone have an answer or insight for this?
    06-05-2017 06:00 PM
  4. mimicats's Avatar
    I just got an S8 the other day but even with downloaded music it always stops after 15 minutes, using either Spotify or GoogleMusic. Connected to wifi or not, always the same. I don't use the Power Saver. It's very frustrating! Anyone have a fix yet?
    07-20-2017 01:18 AM
  5. Lsj74's Avatar
    My wife's phone has been having this issue too.
    It will stop playing downloaded music after a few minutes when using google music.
    I have wiped the cache partition, re-installed the app and the power savings is off, background data is enabled in sleepmode. I have tried everything I can think off except hard reset.
    Has anyone been able to fix this issue?
    09-09-2017 06:07 PM
  6. kevin shackelford's Avatar
    This might work go into settings, then go to device maintenance, then go all the way to the bottom, then unmonitored apps and pick which one you don't want to sleep.
    04-09-2018 01:09 AM

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