1. Targatheory's Avatar

    Anyone know of or have this case? Made the order last night. Shipping is about a month away. But I have this and a brand new Whitestone Dome Glass waiting for it when it does...dun dun dun
    06-07-2017 01:48 AM
  2. doohsun's Avatar
    wow case looks pretty cool only issue i guess would be the wireless charging part since it's metal frame.
    06-07-2017 07:22 AM
  3. afh3's Avatar
    YouTube videos are your friend here. Watch a couple different reviews for any cases you are considering and you'll probably be able to determine if there issues with buttons or wireless charging.

    The problem, for me, with this approach, is that I wind up buying pretty much every one I see.

    Now, 20+ (sadly, that is not a typo) cases later, I've realized that I need to stop watching phone accessory reviews.

    (To be fair, many of those cases were Amazon deals -- from a recent Ringke sale for $0.50 cases, to some Caseology units that were in the $5.00 range - so no second-mortgage was necessary.)
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    06-07-2017 11:54 AM
  4. Targatheory's Avatar
    My title was changed. I feel violated. Lol.

    There's only one, literally one video on youtube on this case. And not much discussion in the comments either.

    Most of the R-Just case information online is regarding their bumper cases, not this one.
    06-07-2017 03:51 PM
  5. H3aTeRzz's Avatar
    Careful with those. I had the love-mei case, very similar, found out hindered my signal some with the metal case.

    Looks cool though.
    06-09-2017 06:59 PM
  6. Targatheory's Avatar
    Hey, that Love-Mei case looks cool and super protectful. Edge damage who?
    I'm aware of the signal loss. But I'm willing to risk it, especially since the Amira doesn't look like it completely wraps around the phone. It's more of a silicon case, with aluminum frames. We'll see.
    06-10-2017 01:39 AM