1. diggitydan123's Avatar
    Hey guys

    Got myself the Samsung S8 (not the plus model). Really happy with the phone, video functions and such... but as a videographer I'm hoping for a little more control.

    I've gotten my hands on the Cinema FV-5 app, but it doesn't seem to like the S8 much, as it crashes a fair bit. changing video parameters such as saturation and contrast (just to get a bit more of a flat image) doesn't 'take', and causes the app to crash.

    I'm looking for apps similar but actually work on the S8 and will let me use LOG or change image parameters such as saturation. The samsung camera app lets me do this, but only in 1080. 4K seems to be limited.

    Also, any suggestions for an app similar to the RodeRec. app for iPhone would be great as I have a Smartlav+ and I'd like to have some extra functionality.

    Much appreciated!
    06-08-2017 02:22 AM
  2. digitalbreak's Avatar
    I have used Filmic Pro in my iPhone 7 Plus and works great though I have not used the Android version in S8.

    There are several options in the iPhone version that should help you take good videos. As always you will need to use a tripod for good results.
    06-08-2017 02:33 AM

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