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    It seems that there is a conflict between Samsung Pay and Verizon's Visual Voicemail.
    I've had this issue since day 1 of owning my Galaxy S8+.
    Today I've come across a bunch of people saying its the Samsung Favorite card and suggested disabling a few settings.

    In my situation this did not work, which led me to test a little bit more.
    For me the resolution is to turn off Samsung Pay Favorite Card entirely.
    Once this is done the issue is resolved and I can FINALLY listen to my voicemail's without the need for speaker phone!!!!!

    Unfortunately I do see this as a Samsung issue rather than a Verizon issue. For whatever reason Samsung's software has some sort of overlay that's not allowing Verizon's application to run as intended.

    I wonder if the authentication has anything to do with it. Be it someone who has configured pay authentication with finger print vs iris vs code. It would seem some more test/troubleshooting needs to be done!
    06-12-2017 10:15 AM

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