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    I am running stock android on my new S8. I have two screens my main home screen which has the house on top highlighted and a screen to the left with a calender widget and alarm widget which fill all the space. My main home screen is set to 5x5 for apps with 4 rows being full of individual apps, the 5th row is comprised of 3 folders and then 2 empty spaces. When I download a new app the shortcut doesn't fill one of these spaces instead it creates a new screen to the right of my home screen. I've tried everything to fix this and have turned off the feature to automatically do it from Google Play but it is quite annoying. On my old S6 I had no problems with the same set up but now on the S8 it just won't fill those two spaces first. Any tips on what to do?
    06-19-2017 12:15 PM

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