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    Hey folks,

    Long time user (and prior to that, long time lurker) on these forums - but today, I'm posting with a random, unusual request. FYI, I've also posted this on the main Android board here (reasons below)

    I'm trying to find Android fans in Los Angeles who may be available to help me with a little TV filming this coming Monday (26th June).

    Long story short - my day job is as a TV reporter in Los Angeles.. I work for a global news channel called CGTN America (we broadcast out of Washington DC, Beijing and Nairobi to around about 1.2 billion homes worldwide.. including in the US on cable and satellite, though most of our viewers tend to come internationally)..

    Since I'm a huge tech-head, I'm filming a story to go out later this week on ten years of the iPhone. But I want to make it different. What often happens with these stories is some networks get reporters who know nothing about technology to do them, and you end up with something that is just saying 'the iPhone is the most amazing device ever invented.'

    Regardless of what side of the fence you sit on, it is an amazing device. And it did have a revolutionary impact. But there is so much to the story other than that.

    One of the angles I really want to explore is the battle between iOS and Android. The way that the iPhone almost set the lines for a war. You see it on forums like this and XDA and Apple-related forums - people trying to outdo each other.. and people getting really irate as they nail their colors to the mast of their OS of choice.

    I wondered if there may be some Android fans in the LA area who I could meet up with on Monday, if we can arrange a convenient time and we film a little sequence (details of which, I'm still to work out in my head) but talking about the iOS vs Android wars. This may be just Android users or it may an Android user and an iPhone user both debating what's best about their relevant OS.

    It's still a germ of an idea. But I wanted to throw it out there and hope it gets seen over the weekend.

    I'm gonna post this over on XDA as well to try to maximize the number of people who see it and I've also posted it on the main Android forum here too. The reason for the double post is that in my experience, the real ire is often between Samsung and Apple fans (reflecting the companies, almost) and so there may be people in this board that this really appeals to..

    Anyway, please do reply to me on here, or via DM, or via twitter @phillavelle.

    Thanks for looking and have a great day!

    06-24-2017 11:38 AM

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