1. F_Benitez's Avatar
    Hi all. So I've had my S8+ for about a month, having come from an S7 edge.
    Set up my profile on the contacts app (stock Samsung) to include my name, business, phone #s and emails. Also put in one of the stock profile pictures.
    All good. For about 3 days.
    My profile's gone, and the app prompting me to set it up again. So I do.
    Three days later, same story.
    All other features on the app seem okay and the rest of my contacts are there, it's just my profile getting knocked down every couple of days or so. Really annoyed.
    Has anybody had the same experience?
    Any input will be appreciated.
    07-01-2017 02:02 PM
  2. anon(238680)'s Avatar
    I'm also using the Contacts app on an S8+, but I have all my contacts on Google and have not lost anything. Have you looked at the view settings in Contacts to see where you're storing your contact information? I would assume on the phone only, but no reason why that would be lost. Only thing I can think of off hand.
    07-01-2017 02:47 PM
  3. F_Benitez's Avatar
    I'm not losing any contacts. It's just my personal profile info that's being erased or reset every couple of days
    07-01-2017 03:24 PM
  4. anon(238680)'s Avatar
    It's just my personal profile info
    Yeah that's what I meant by "your" contact info. My Contacts has my name and cell number that it set the first time I used the app, and I have no idea where that is saved as contacts for "me" are in google and have much more info.
    07-01-2017 05:03 PM

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