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    Dex Hub improves the functionality and Desktop experience even further.


    • Enhanced input providing us with support for more of our keyboards hotkeys and key combinations to increase our overall productivity everywhere!

    • True windowed mode enables all apps to work including apps that normally say they require a touch screen or are locked to a phone sized window and providing, true windowed and fullscreen support with no hacks required.

    • Alternative start menu bringing more of a Desktop-PC like experience to Samsungs DeX! Adding features such as quick search launch (i.e. enter calc and the calculator will quickly launch if it is the only app installed starting with the text 'calc'). Quick access to the devices power button, settings app, Play store app, pictures app, documents folder and file explorer app from the start menus side bar. Supports launch via the 'Meta/Windows' key, or 'Meta+Alt' if you don't want to replace the default start menu!

    • Disable 'Shift+Space' language switch.
    • Replace 'Meta+E' (Windows key/cmd key + E) to launch file explorer instead of email!

    • Customisable auto DeX startup/exit device config changes:
    Bluetooth, Wi-Fi & HDMI Audio out.

    • Independent volume profiles for both phone & DeX modes, automatically adjusted whenever you change the volume in each mode.

    • Custom DeX Startup & Exit sounds are supported!

    • Brightness reduction and red tint support with quick keyboard shortcuts support to reduce eye-strain quickly and easily without the need to launch any apps!

    • Device monitor is available to allow you to monitor your devices resource usage, to put our minds at ease that our device's can cope under the pressure that we put on them, and showing any running services that may be using up those system resources.
    07-01-2017 05:03 PM

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