1. Dconn1975's Avatar
    So I've decided that I'm for sure getting the regular size S8 for my daily phone but I like to keep one small one handed phone and one large screen phone. I'm trying to decide whether to make my large screen phone the LG G6 or go ahead and get the S8 Plus. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.

    Side note,,, I just read the thread where Samsung is messing their customers over with their trade in promo. That alone makes me even wonder if I should just stay away from Samsung all together. Any thoughts on this too? Anyways I owned both of the S7 models and could not stand touch wiz. How is the S8 compared to the S7 interface wise? Lastly has anyone used the LG G6 and if so what are your thoughts on it?


    07-02-2017 06:56 PM
  2. AustinTech's Avatar
    S8 plus is the better phone but it also comes with the higher price. If money ain't a thing, s8 for sure.
    07-02-2017 07:14 PM
  3. TylerLV76's Avatar
    G6 and S8 screens are virtually the same size. Both phones have their plus'. The wide angle camera is amazing on the G6, the phone runs very smooth, flat display which is so nice, and battery life is excellent. Lower storage capacity and not the greatest low light images (not the greatest on the S8 either if Im being honest).

    If you want a bigger screen you'd have to go with the S8+. If you're getting the S8 and want a bigger screen and like LCD's you should really look into the Huawei Mate 9. 5.9" excellent LCD with a massive 4000mah battery and fast as you could possibly imagine. No ip68 or wireless charging though but man that battery is something else.

    As for touchwiz, its not horrible this time around. I generally go straight to Nova as a launcher but lots of people on here are really liking touchwiz.

    Samsungs customer care sucks, period. LG's is meh.
    07-02-2017 07:26 PM
  4. Ca_lvn's Avatar
    Let's see were on a Samsung forum asking witch one, how about LG
    07-02-2017 07:33 PM
  5. amyf27's Avatar
    Well that messing people over must be a direct buy from Samsung deal. I got mine through tmpbile and didn't have that going on.

    I've had the 7edge and various other Samsung phones before. The 8+ is miles ahead of the 7edge in terms of Samsung stock UI performance. It's very smooth, similar to the LG and Google devices. I prefer larger screen phones and LOVE Samsung Pay as well. I've seen the LG G6 and compared to the 8+ I have it's much smaller.
    07-02-2017 08:04 PM
  6. amyf27's Avatar
    Also though I'm a Samsung preferred, I really enjoyed the LG V20 and if it had had Samsung Pay or it's LG Pay fully operational and run ing comparable to Samsung Pay, I probably would have kept it. That was a fantastic device. Yes we're on a Samsung forum but I'm sure there are others that enjoy and appreciate both LG and Samsung
    07-02-2017 08:07 PM
  7. pseudoware's Avatar
    Features notwithstanding, LG resale value is not as good.
    07-02-2017 09:59 PM
  8. Dconn1975's Avatar
    Well I almost got a pair of S8s but at the last second I hit a curve ball and opted only for the regular size S8 and got an iPad instead for better Web browsing and watching movies. Granted I could have done that too on the S8 plus or LG G6 but I got a really good deal on the iPad Air 2 which I used to have so I went that route instead. I really wanted to get the second phone but it in the end just amped up my monthly payments and down payments. I appreciate all the feedback. Just so it's known, before I hit the curve ball, sorry I played college baseball so I have to use that analogy, I was leaning towards the LG G 6 actually mainly because I didn't want two of the same phones since my daily device will be the regular S8. I can without doubt tell you that I've handled that device twice and I fell for it right away. The feel and look in one hand was awesome. The only thing I've not done is test out the interface which I've read that touch wiz is better this go round than the S7 models which I had both and quickly got rid of both because of touch wiz. I hope touch wiz is indeed better on the S8. Also I've not decided yet whether I'm going to use the fingerprint sensor due to its awful placement. Right next to the camera lens. If I used it, this means I'll have to wipe the lens every time I use the camera because there is no way people aren't putting a fingerprint on the camera lens at least 50 percent of the time when unlocking the S8. I'm a long time apple user only having swapped to android a little over a year ago. My other one handed choice was the Red iPhone 7 but it was only offered in 128g so it had a much higher down payment plus I knew how much I liked how the S8 felt in one hand while also giving you a plenty big enough screen size.

    What are you guys using as your screen protector? I've always liked using the liquid skin from Skinomi so I'm about to search amazon to see if they have one for the S8. I've read where the tempered glass for the S8 is hit and miss because of the curved screen. I've always had a good experience with Skinomi but I'm curious if there is a better product out there that I need to order instead. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    07-02-2017 11:05 PM

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