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    Back when my son, with his S4, was the only Android user in the house, I Hated (yes, a capital "h" ) the android interface. Even on my friend's S5 and then my Nexus 7 '13 I would be frustrated to Hate. Moving files, navigation anywhere on the phone, aesthetics, all turned me off and away from Android, preferring my beloved bb10 with its brilliant interface.
    I finally gave-in and got the S7e last year, then the S8 this year and just told myself if get used to it.
    I did.
    My son lost his phone on a trip and had to go back to his S4 temporarily, and asked me to set it up. Now, as a Galaxy "expert" , I said "no problem."
    Dear God, the Gs4 interface is STIll utterly horrible and worlds away from the vastly improved S8.
    So, a belated and heartfelt congratulations to Android and Samsung for turning a beast (the bad kind) into a beautiful butterfly.
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    07-14-2017 10:35 AM
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    I agree wholeheartedly.

    They've really refined the TW experience and made it easier to deal with on a daily basis.
    07-14-2017 10:42 AM

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