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    G'day everyone, I have a wee bit of a dilemma on my hands. So I've recently got a new phone, galaxy s8+ and all was running swimmingly... Until a couple weeks ago. I am unable to download anything. Allow me to elaborate. First problem: I can't download any more apps from the app store. I have plenty storage on my phone. When I start the download, it says it's downloading and such on the play store then when it comes to the "installing" bit, nothing. It just stops and does nothing. A wee bit frustrating if I do say myself.
    Second problem: I can't seem to download any documents from emails or websites. All my previous downloaded word docs and pdf's are "not found" on my found when I try to view them or attach them to any email. If I view the old downloaded documents in My Files (that I first downloaded and could view no problems there), a little bubble pops up and says the files are "removed or no longer there" and I can "remove, download or cancel". I've tried to download them again but no source found. I says, it's become quite annoying. Now, when I try to download a word doc or pdf off my emails, it comes up with the little download progress icon in the notification bar and I feel as though my luck has changed. Then 3 seconds later, that little icon disappears and so does my download. I check my files to see if it downloaded and regrettably, no, it has not. My heart sinks. All a gal wants is to happily download documents! I have the Microsoft Suite, adobe and any pdf thing you could want on my phone. My main email account I use is Yahoo (yuck, I know) and if I tried to download a document, whenever I'd come back on the app, it would always try to download the doc again (the little download icon comes up, then POOF! disappears again) I have to force stop the app to stop it from draining me internet.
    Okay almost done, thanks for hanging in here with me guys. When downloading and my downloading icon comes up in the notification bar, it has a wee little header "Download Manager". Now, like all normal phones, I thought this one would have a download manager. It does not. I cannot find it. Perhaps I am partially blind but I have searched everywhere on my phone, in the settings, and app manager.... Alas, no download manager. I do not understand why I was able to download things before then all of a sudden, I could not view or download any docs. My only way I get around it right now is, I send the document to myself (via PC), I'll open it on my phone (it doesn't always let me do this), and I'll copy the words and shiz. Then, I'll proceed to open word where I'll create a new doc and paste the copied contents there. It is rather inconvenient, especially if I'm out and about and need to send documents. If someone who has more of a clue than me could help me out, I'd be forever in your debt. Thanks sooooo much!!!
    07-18-2017 03:00 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central! The Download Manager is a system app, which is usually hidden at first in the App Manager. In the App Manager, tap Menu>Show System. Now select Download Manager, tap Storage, then Clear Cache/Clear Data. Do the same for Google Play Store. Now see if the problem persists.
    07-18-2017 04:32 PM

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