1. jimbo1mcm's Avatar
    I've had a bunch of phones but this S8 is the best so far. I put a Mujjo leather case on it and it feels and looks great. The battery is long lasting and I really like wireless charging. It doesn't lag or stutter. Bixby is working now, although I still use Google Assistant. I think it is the best phone out there now and that includes the Iphone 7 ( which I own ) and all the others. It will probably hold its own against the Iphone 8 and the new Pixel.
    07-19-2017 01:26 AM
  2. Tim1954's Avatar
    07-19-2017 03:25 AM
  3. mary beth hale's Avatar
    Really enjoy using my S8. Absolutely no regrets with this purchase.
    07-19-2017 10:04 AM
  4. GoTKingSlayer7's Avatar
    Yes this phone is so Cool..and unlike any other on the market..Enjoy man and welcome to the Galaxy Fam.
    07-19-2017 01:47 PM
  5. boltsbearsjosh's Avatar
    I know a lot of people swear by the iPhone (I used to as well) but the S8 just completely SMOKES iPhone as far as features and tech. I'm not even sure if the new iPhones will be able to stack up to this.
    07-19-2017 03:15 PM
  6. DX9's Avatar
    Got the S8 Plus the week of launch coming from an iPhone 7 Plus. Absolutely love this phone. Enjoying every minute of it. Have a Gear S3 Frontier to go along with it.👌
    cwbcpa likes this.
    07-19-2017 03:27 PM
  7. badcat's Avatar
    Yup still loving mine as well. Welcome!
    07-19-2017 03:43 PM
  8. gendo667's Avatar
    Yep. Fantastic device. Great proformance, 835/4 gigs. Top tier panel. Couldn't be happier.
    07-19-2017 06:02 PM
  9. JoshDunc's Avatar
    I have the S8 Plus and absolutely love the device. It is snappy, gorgeous aesthetically, and has a gorgeous display.
    07-19-2017 06:43 PM
  10. CrimsonBurns's Avatar
    This phone is the best. I don't even think the new iPhone 8 will beat it. I've always been an apple guy but literally as soon as I saw this phone at best buy, I knew this one was the best. I switched from an iPhone 5s which always was crap to the galaxy a few months ago. Funny story I was 9 and I told my parents to get the galaxy s6 instead of the 5s because it had a Super AMOLED display great specs and android which I told them they could change almost everything about but they returned it and bought the 5s anyways after playing with the android for about a half hour. But my mother's 5s died maybe 2 years after she got it then bought the 6s but soon enough some pixels died on her phone and had white discoloration on her iPhone screen. My father's phone got these pink speckles around the corners of the LCD. He gave me that phone and I used that for a while, then I bought the Galaxy S8 and payed it off and it is by far THE BEST purchase I have ever made. Nothing will ever top it...........until holograms that is, haha.
    07-20-2017 08:39 PM
  11. anon(27512)'s Avatar
    love mine as well. I love the everyday stuff that it has that makes life easier. wireless charging, fast charging and battery saver are great.

    not to mention the cool stuff like the screen and speed
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    07-21-2017 03:38 AM
  12. mousemonkey's Avatar
    I was about ready to sell my Galaxy S8 and started playing around with Bixby yesterday and like some of the functionality. I still hate the curved bezel edges and prefer a shorter and wider phone but will have to live with this for now. I ordered about 10 different cases from China to find one that works.
    07-21-2017 11:54 AM
  13. Wbutchart1's Avatar
    I really like my s8. It is my first android, was an apple user for so long. When I saw this phone through, I knew it wouldn't be topped for a good while. Design wise it is immense. I had given up on flagships but this phone redefined it.
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    07-21-2017 01:21 PM
  14. o4liberty's Avatar
    Apple has a big task trying to compete with the S8 line. It's the best android device to date in my opinion.
    Alan Sims likes this.
    07-21-2017 05:58 PM
  15. Doug Moffat's Avatar
    Got the S8 Plus the week of launch coming from an iPhone 7 Plus. Absolutely love this phone. Enjoying every minute of it. Have a Gear S3 Frontier to go along with it.
    The Frontier makes an essential component of the S8+ experience.
    07-21-2017 10:19 PM
  16. jimbo1mcm's Avatar
    I also haves a gear s3 Frontier with a nice black stainless band and it syncs perfectly with my S8. Never have to even look at the bluetooth connection. Way to go Samsung.
    07-22-2017 06:39 AM
  17. Doug Moffat's Avatar
    Postscript: Apple better redouble their effort on the Apple watch because the S3 Frontier has left it in the dust.
    07-22-2017 10:06 AM

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