1. James Howden's Avatar
    I am looking for some advice.

    I crossed over from the dark side (Apple iPhone) and purchased a Galaxy S8. I have been enjoying all the features but couldn't find a PC app to do all my transfers.

    Someone recommended Syncios. Well I purchased that and it is a great program, but I lost the licence key email and their support has gone quiet and they have not answered my emails and it's been over a month, so the program is useless.

    My questions:

    1. Who can I report Syncios to? and

    2. Can anyone recommend a program which will interface into my PC and allow me to transfer files and backup my phone.
    07-28-2017 01:40 AM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    Samsung's Smart Switch should allow you to do that (Not the reporting part, that is, unfortunately, only directly with the developer).
    07-28-2017 01:54 AM
  3. James Howden's Avatar
    Thanks for that mate, but I am pretty sure that is just for phone to phone transfer.

    I am after an app that backs up your device and allows you to transfer files to and from the PC. i.e. music, photos, etc.
    07-28-2017 02:05 AM
  4. BratPAQ's Avatar
    Just connect your s8 to your PC via USB cable. Your PC will ask you to install Samsung driver. After that you will see your phone on windows explorer. You can then just copy your files that way.

    Alternatively. You can share a folder from your PC via LAN. Then use android program "ES File Explorer" to access that PC folder in your phone. Then you can just copy from there.

    Another way is via cloud. There are many cloud services you can choose from. Google Drive, Microsoft Onedrive. Dropbox, Box. You can assign a folder in your PC to be synced to the clouds. And from your smartphone you can access that folder, copy, delete, move files from it. I would suggest Starr with learning Google Drive and Google Photos for image files.
    07-28-2017 03:26 AM
  5. SpookDroid's Avatar
    Nope, it's also on PC
    Samsung Smart Switch App

    But like Brat says, if you just want to transfer files, just connect the phone via USB and drag/drop as if it were an USB stick. For more 'guided' file transfer (and the added bonus of being able to share your phone's screen on your PC and use the PC's keyboard/mouse to control it) you can also install SideSync, and tat will let you transfer files, too, via USB or WiFi. These two options, however, don't provide a guided phone backup; you have to manually transfer items to the PC.
    07-28-2017 04:08 AM
  6. uncaged74's Avatar
    Content Transfer fast and so easy and free!!!!

    ...I crossed over from the dark side (Apple iPhone) and purchased a Galaxy S8...
    LMAO...I said the same thing when I did that a few weeks ago. Hahahaha!!!
    @James Howden

    I know where you are going and what you are asking for being that I am former iPhone user. I have yet to hear or come across anything that worked as well and just like iCloud. If you do find something, please share it with me. I stopped looking myself being that Google Photos backs up my pictures, and I can just copy/paste music into my phone plus having a microSD in the phone storages isn't an issue. That is the big plus about these Droids; installing/swapping/adding more storage space. The only thing that does suck is there are too many apps I can't move to the microSD. Also I have my contacts also associated with my GMAIL account so in short I have back-ups of everything but again I would like something does work like iCloud.

    BTW I found the Samsung backup does not work if you are using Verizon (apparently there is a hack to it) but even Verizon Support wasn't aware of it.
    07-28-2017 12:33 PM

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