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    Hi everyone, I cannot deactivate an alarm which I've set on my S8+. Even if I disable it, the alarm icon will still appear and the alarm will still play. I've looked in several other forums and it seems that other people has either mistakenly or the alarm will simultaneously be set up in other apps, the ones I saw the most were Pandora or Tunein Radio. I do not have either apps installed. Does anybody have any idea how I can deactivate the alarm? This is very frustrating as some days I would love to sleep longer. Apart from the apps which came with the phone (I did not uninstalled anything), these are the apps which I have installed on the phone:
    - Amazon Kindle
    - Authy
    - BBM
    - Whatsapp
    - Google Calendar
    - CamCard
    - Dropbox
    - Evernote
    - Google +
    - Intouch app
    - Google Keep
    - Linkedin
    - My Cloud
    - Office Lens
    - Spideroak One
    - Onenote
    - P Cloud
    - PushBullet
    - Sonos
    - Twitter
    - Uber
    - VLC
    - Waze
    - Swiftkey Keyboard
    08-02-2017 03:30 AM
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    You could try Safe Mode to test whether a third-party app is responsible.
    08-02-2017 05:50 AM

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