1. Vipmediastar's Avatar
    1.)When I'm in the car normally the audio/phone calls are received on the car Bluetooth. When I'm wearing a Bluetooth headset the phone calls get directed to the car and once the phone call ends the audio resumes on the headset but the volume is so low I have to put the volume up again.
    How do i fix that? I already disabled the audio limiter.

    2.)Also, I want the apple music/google music app to play on the car Bluetooth and the Waze GPS and phone calls to play on the headset. I enabled the dual Bluetooth and selected dual audio for the music app to the cars Bluetooth but this didn't work. Everything was played in the car and what I wanted on the headset didn't.

    Did I miss a step or does this not work together?
    If this doesn't work then I'll just use the spare iphone to be the music app and connect via usb and the gps and phone calls on the headset with the S8+. I would rather have one device if possible.

    Scenario for this: Driving for Lyft/uber the client may not want the radio so I turn it off but I also want the GPS on the headset so they are not interrupted with their peace or during their phone calls and we can both hear on our devices. If they want music or radio then it's a plus for the both of us.
    08-09-2017 02:22 PM
  2. beandaddy's Avatar
    the audio on my s8+ is also not loud enough. I've gone through the audio adjustments. granted I'm 57 years old, but barring an external amplifier it just isn't loud enough through earbuds. my bluetooth speaker by my bed is sufficient.
    08-10-2017 04:44 AM
  3. Vipmediastar's Avatar
    I thought this issue was isolated to the car.
    Now I'm listening to music on blue tooth headphones to my preferred audio level. When placing a call I lower that as well as it is too loud. Once the call had ended the music resumes and the audio is too loud.

    It appears to not save my previous volume settings. When I'm in the car it auto lowers volume when I'm not in the car it auto puts the volume to the loudest. Anybody have an idea? Running Nova
    08-14-2017 04:38 PM
  4. Vipmediastar's Avatar
    SOLVED: Preliminary issue solved.
    Contacted Samsung. They told me to reset the Bluetooth cache. Settings, apps, system apps, Bluetooth test. I reset the Network connections and that as well. That seem to fix my audio issues. So far not issues with volume rebelling on its own.

    The bad part I had to reset the gear s3 watch to reconnect it again. Sometimes its good to start fresh.
    08-15-2017 01:05 PM

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