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    Hello forum! Hope everyone is doing well.

    I've been using my new S8+ (on att) for a few months now. Overall I love the phone and newest version of Android! I've gone from S3, to S4 to S6 and now S8+. I also use it with the Gear S3 which is pretty cool.

    A few things I'm curious about and looking for feedback:

    1) Bixby voice (which seems to be awful) fights with Google Assistant (okay google). Anyone else seeing sporadic wake ups with google since bixby voice has been enabled?

    2) Does the back plate seem to be VERY crack/break prone? I've dropped my phone a couple times from very short distances onto padded surfaces and the back panel is just shredded. Seems like it has no strength or resiliency at all. Luckily local company only charges $70 to replace back plate. But still....

    3) Lastly, I noticed after the last update, my Samsung e-mail app no longer shows message previews on the lock screen or top pull down menu. In the past, if there were more than one new message, it would show you the newest two with subject line detail. Now nothing, just says "3 new emails" or however many are new.

    Thanks all, looking forward to chatting with you guys about fun samsung and android stuff!

    08-10-2017 01:57 PM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    Hi there!

    1) I don't find Bixby to be awful, just... redundant for the most part. When I use it for settings and other stuff Assistant can't do, yeah, it does it well, but it doesn't necessarily do it faster than me just tapping on the screen. I did disable the 'always listening' option so I have to long-press on the Bixby button for it to listen. I haven't seen any conflicts between the two.

    2)It's not too fragile in terms of scratching, but it is glass: hit it in the right (or wrong, rather) place, and it will not hold up. Problem with this phone is that it's too curvy, which makes it sexy AF, but that also makes it more prone to cracking. So, yeah, cases. I really like Samsung's clear one because it's the thinnest/lightest I've found that doesn't make the infinity display look any less 'infinite' or curvy.

    3) That might be a setting on the notification options. Not sure as I don't use the stock e-mail app, so can't help there. Check the 'show content' for notifications.
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    08-10-2017 02:41 PM

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