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    Just a heads up that you might have issues if you activate one of these on a Verizon mvno such as Red Pocket, Total Wireless. I generally always use Mvno's with all my phone basically to save money. I activated with no problem with Red Pocket but could not send SMS. After several drawn out chat sessions I was finally told that the Unlocked S8 had not been approved for use on parts of Verizon's network and although they could be activated some features might not work. They then switched me over to their ATT side and everything worked fine. I could not stay on the ATT network though because of poor signal in many area's I frequent so I attempted to activate with Total Wireless another Verizon MVNO and despite changing out simcards etc they could not activate me at all. I ended up getting a Verizon prepaid account and everything is working great.
    It's made me almost regret buying the unlocked version.
    08-10-2017 11:41 PM

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