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    I posted this in a different thread, but wanted to get more visibility to it. On July 25, Samsung posted an update to the Email app in the Google Play Store. They have been moving many of their apps into the Play Store and this updated the Email app to version

    A day or so after updating, I realized that when I got one email the drop-down notification panel would properly display the email notification. BUT, if I had more than one email, it would not display any information about the emails at all in the notification panel. It would just be blank and I would have to unlock my device and open email to view who they were even from, much less the subject. This was extremely annoying to me and a waste of time. I like knowing who it is from and the subject to determine if I want to read it at that time. And since I use my device for work, this was even more important.

    I didn't realize at the time that it was the Email app update, so I removed a bunch of apps, dug far into settings, googled it and I finally ended up wiping/restoring my phone. Once I did that, the notifications were working fine again.

    It was after this I noticed a few reviews in the Play Store on the email app complaining about the same thing. I did NOT update to the latest version in the Play Store ( I'm still currently on version 4.1.53-1 and my notifications are still working fine.

    Hoping they don't take much longer to fix it, but I'm going to be careful about updating if/when they do release a fix, to ensure it really does work first.

    In the meantime, I used an app to save an apk of the version that I have. Now if I do update in the future and it's still messed up, I can just revert to that apk rather than wiping my phone again. Safety net!

    So if you have not yet updated to, DON'T unless the display of multiple emails in the notification panel isn't important to you
    08-12-2017 12:05 PM
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    Duplicate. Please keep the discussion here.


    Thread closed to avoid parallel discussions.
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    08-12-2017 12:47 PM

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